E038 Newlyweds Pursue Minimalist Lifestyle Traveling Sustainably and Exploring Water Conservation - Sarah and Patrick Houston


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Most couples when they get married, they go on their honeymoon and then settle into the married life and nest. My guests today are Sarah and Patrick Houston are not like “most couples” and they are not “nesting”. They are pursuing a minimalist lifestyle traveling through the Southeast US and Mexico on bicycles. As they were planning their wedding in early 2016, they were also planning their exit from their normal jobs, with comfortable salaries and a normal, predictable life to pursue their passion of water conservation and educating themselves and others on this fleeting resource.

Making conservation a Wild Adventure.

A few months after they got married, they had sold everything they owned, gave away what they couldn’t sell and got on bicycles to travel through the Southwest US and Mexico to raise awareness about the scarcity of water. If you want to know anything about water conservation and want to get really geeky about it, Sarah is your go to. She’s dedicated her life and career around this diminishing resource and now she’s educating all of us through their blog and Youtube videos. I talked to them from La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico where the Colorado river actually ends and they were 4,000 miles away from their old lives and they couldn’t be any happier. In this episode we discuss… Why do two college educated, newly married, employed people quit their jobs to get on bikes to travel the Southwest US and Mexico? What steps did they go through in their old lives to set up a minimalist lifestyle? What is a day in the life of their new new professions, Environmental Educators? The average daily water usage in the US compared to Mexico. How has their relationship evolved since the beginning of the trip? This is my conversation with Environmental Educators, Sarah and Patrick Houston and you can follow them anywhere online at Wander Like Water. Show Notes wanderlikewater.com Instagram, Twitter and Youtube: @Wanderlikewater Sponsor Check out clickplacement.com to ignite your pay-per-click and social marketing strategies. Go Hunt Life on iTunes

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