E039 Arthritic & Obese at 54 Transforms to Ultra Distance Runner by 60 - Andrew Townsend


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Andrew Townsend is 60 years old and he can outrun you and me but 6 years ago he couldn’t run a step. 6 years ago he was 70 pounds overweight, eating and drinking too much and bound to a desk. It had gotten so bad that he was labeled an ‘invalid’ because of his battle with arthritis. He had no one to blame but himself and how he had chosen to live his life up to that point so he made a choice to change. His life transformation started with one step.

"I tried blaming everyone else but I had no one to blame but myself."

This timeline is amazing. 2011 he couldn’t run a step and in 2016 he ran across the Spanish Pyrenees. They are the mountains in the Tour de France that look impossible. He ran over those for 525 miles from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean with an elevation change of 100,000 feet. Imagine climbing Mt Everest 4 times and he did it in 27 days.

So obviously a lot changed from 2011 and we get into all of it. When we recorded this conversation he had just gotten back to his home in Reading England from a trip where he ran across Italy. He is a running beast and an inspiration for anyone thinking that it’s too late in life to make a major life change.

In this episode we discuss…

What does it mean to be an invalid living with arthritis?

Did he blame the disease from choosing him or himself for living his life that brought the disease upon himself?

The treadmill at his new gym breaking which forced him to get outside and run. In 2014 running a marathon a month in 12 different European Countries.

In 2015 running 8 marathons in 8 countries in 8 days driving between races and a world first. In 2016 completing a self-supported traverse of the Spanish Pyrenees running from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean, 525 miles with total elevation of more than 100,000 feet and you did this in 27 days.

What his life transformation looks like today and where he is headed next.

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