Pain Awareness for Goats and other Animals - Part 1


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September is Animal Pain Awareness month! Animal Pain Awareness Month was established by the IVAPM (International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management) to coincide with the human medicine Pain Awareness Month, with the goal of educating animal owners about the signs of pain and what we can do to help our animal companions have an improved quality of life with the use of different modalities of pain therapy.

Pain management is a particular area of interest for me in all of the species I see as patients. Pain management in livestock and food animals in particular is challenging, but there is compelling evidence that mediating pain has physical and physiological benefits as well as just being nicer for the animals!

There will be at least one more episode about pain awareness this month. This episode focuses on what pain is, recognizing pain in different animals, and why we should care about mediating pain in our food animal patients. While I do talk about different species of animals in this episode, as usual, the focus is goats and how this affects them!

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