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Fun episode with the infamous Dan Cronin. Many would know him as Fat Bald Guy Racing on Twitter and website www.fatbaldguyracing.com.

Kaitlin Free and Andy Villanueva lead the discussion about how Dan fell in love with the game of horse racing. How his dad, "Hep" Cronin got him interested when he was young by taking him to old River Downs (Belterra Park). Not only do we discuss his path, but you can tell how proud Dan is of his father and brother (UCLA Basketball Head Coach Mick Cronin).

The conversation switches over to how horse racing must think outside the box. How it would benefit the game to help new horseplayers embrace horse racing. How computer bettors are hurting the game more than helping.

You can get more information at www.fatbaldguyracing.com for Dan's daily selections at various tracks. You can also follow him on Twitter @fatbaldguyracin

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