Nice Guys Do Finish First


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Grateful to have a friend like Sean Patrick Nolan, who is arguably the nicest human being on HRT. Never have Kaitlin or Andy ever heard or seen anything negative come from SPN. He is a rabid Boston Celtics and Bruins fan, he is passionate to the point it maybe the only time he might get heated on Twitter.

Sean discusses his love of horse racing, we discuss tracks that he visits and where he plans on going this summer. We have a frank discussion of Wesley Ward and Norm Casse who we all have nothing but the nicest things to say about both. We bring up Corey Nakatani, whether he deserves to be in the HOF or not.

Good listen, as always Sean was nice to all and shows that "Nice Guys Do Finish First."

You can find all three on twitter along with Goat Handicapping.

Kaitlin Free (@kaitlinefree)

Andy Villanueva (@avillanueva3rd)

Sean Patrick Nolan (@SPNnation74)

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