GABT 005: Investigative Reporter Finds God with Mike Wendland


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For the first time ever, investigative reporter Mike Wendland shares the story of his conversion. When one woman dares to send a letter to his television station quoting the Bible, his not-so-kind response sends him down a rabbit hole of transformation no one ever could have predicted. Don't miss this episode where Mike reveals what it's like to be a renowned, award-winning reporter (18 Emmy Awards) dealing with death, deceit and corruption on a daily basis. He shares his thoughts on the state of the media today, what we as consumers can do to influence the media for good, and posits opportunities to develop media outlets created for and by Believers. Mike Wendland is the Family Motorcoach Association's Roving Reporter, author of the Open Mike Column in Motor Coaching Magazine, creator of daily inspirations at, and the NBC-TV Newschannel technology correspondent for all 215 NBC-TV stations. You can find Mike online at: Mike's Daily Soap: Roadtreking Travel Blog: PC Mike Tech Blog: What We Cover in This Episode: How Mike survived the “dark, egocentric world” of journalism. How God gives us passions and gifts that we can use in our careers and why you should do something you love. The media has been a mess, never as bad as now, and what you can do about it. How the darkness, evil and corruption of the world lead to cynicism, pride and using others as a means to your own end. The temptation of prizes, awards, honors and scooping the competition. Why he lied about reading the Bible. What happened when he decided to take a 12-week “Survey of the Old Testament” course with his wife (with the subtle intention to prove it wasn’t true). Why, as a believer, he could no longer “hold his head up” and remain part of the media. How he transitioned from telling terrible stories to telling “good” stories on his blog. What we should do as consumers of media today. Most reporters care about evil, corruptions and want to make a difference and to do good, but… How this generation of journalists has been taught to think a certain way and how that affects the presentation of the media today, often making evil look good and good appear evil. How to be aware of the mainstream media bias and anger and how to keep a balance by reading conservative media too. Why Mike would never, as a Christian, send his child to a public university. As consumers, what we can do to have a good, positive influence on the media today. The opportunity we all have to develop an alternate media that represents and preserves Christian values. How “Christianese” can be the most destructive language we’ve even heard and how to promote Christian values in ways others can understand and digest. What it means to be an “ipastor” running and “icampus”. Staying connected to God while you’re on the road. The funny thing Mike Huckabee does to serve in his church. Why it’s important to learn to do your own Bible study that is independent of anything else. How to use social media to challenge bad stories and point out good stories. How the song “Amazing Grace” saved a woman from death and led to the eventual conversion of her attacker. (After the end of the show during the “after party” so keep listening.) References: Jimmy Hoffa’s 1975 disappearance: Walter Martin’s The Kingdom of Cults: James Dobson’s Focus on the Family: Chuck Colson’s Born Again: C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity, chapter 5 on Pride: Romans 5:20 "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." (NIV) Wall Street Journal: New York Times: https://www.

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