The Myth of the Christian Nation GodArchy 45


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America is a "Christian nation." Or is it? Cody Cook doesn't think so. In fact, he doesn't believe any modern nation can take on that mantle. There is no political program that can "Christianize" a nation-state because governments are all hopelessly intertwined with spirits of darkness. In simple terms, Satan is the god of this world and the world's kingdoms belong to him. In his book, Fight the Powers: What the Bible Says About the Relationship Between Spiritual Forces and Human Governments, Cody lays out his case through a careful examination of scripture in both the Old and New Testaments. If Cody is right, it has important ramifications for how believers interact with the state. In this episode of the GodArchy Podcast, I talk with Cody about both the theology of government and the practical application of his conclusion. Cody Cook is a theology grad student living in Cincinnati, Ohio, writing with a special focus on apologetics and biblical theology.

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