280-Thought Work to Undiet Your Life – Part 1


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This is going to be a 2-part podcast…

Why 2 parts? Well, this is such an important topic, and I want to be sure I can unpack it well for you. I want to give you time to reflect in between.

Most importantly, I want to teach you the basics of TW, and so I can teach you how specifically it applies to women and diet culture.

I believe that thought work is the most important skill a woman can learn. In fact, it is not taught in any schooling system… for a reason. Get into this in Part 2.

When a woman learns thought work, it is the best investment she can make towards because it solves every problem a woman can have.

Only when you learn to manage your mind can you truly be free, happy and fulfilled.

So let’s start with Part 1...

What is thought work?

You go to the gym to train your muscle to be stronger. In the same manner, you go run to train your cardiorespiratory capacity to have more endurance. You go to yoga to train your tendon and ligament to be mobile and flexible.

We train nearly every part of our body… but one. We are taught to train all aspects of our body but the most important part of our body. The most important… the one part of our body that actually controls all the others. The supreme commanding officer of your body…

Your brain.

Why do I say your brain is the commanding officer? Well, it controls everything that happens in our body and our life. Everything that happens in our body has its origin in our brain: from our heart beating to the movement in our legs to walk, to our food taste, to the size of our body.

Our body interprets our environment via our brain, and our brain produces thoughts in order to give a command to the rest of our body in order to survive and thrive in this environment.

How does thought work actually work?

In a very simplistic explanation, our brain is made up of millions of neuropathways. Think of it as a wire that touches each other in our brain, and when your brain wants to pass on a command to the rest of your body, neuropathways connect, wire touches each other and a signal of energy pass and command is sent to the body via the CNS, spine and nerves.

Most of this happens without you being aware. Imagine being aware of every command heartbeats… you’d go nuts. It said that a human has 60K thoughts a day… most of which you are unaware of.

But some of these connections you are aware… conscious. These are your conscious thoughts.

So the wire cross in our brains, a thought is created and the energy travels via the spine and nerves to the rest of our body. These are felt in our bodies as sensations.

Think here gut feelings, the tension in our shoulder, cold in our chest, butterflies… these are all sensations in our body that first were ignited by our brain and thoughts.

These sensations are what we name as emotions. Emotions are the interpretation of these sensations.

Our emotions are what ignites our actions. Think “gut reaction” … We take actions in life-based on how we feel... when we feel confident, we take bold actions, we ask the person we are attracted to out, we buy the things we’ve always been wanting….

We feel anxious… so, we mumble distorted words in the face of the person we like, we retract, we numb, we Netflix…. we eat.

The choices are our reactions to our emotions is our actions. Moreover, the sum of our actions creates the reality we experience.

That’s thought work.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode on thought work to undiet your life:
  • What is thought work
  • How does thought work show up in our life
  • The basics tenets of thought work
  • Why thought work is essential to women
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