292-Overeating, Binging & Diet Culture


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Most often, when women start their journey beyond dieting, it’s because they want to overcome compulsive eating behaviors like binging or what they self-describe as “overeating.”

They have learned that restriction is causing these compulsive eating behaviors, so they quit dieting... but is it the solution? Is it the only action that needs to be taken in order to end compulsion around food?

That’s what we discussed on today’s podcast. If perhaps you are at this point where even though you have lifted the restriction and still struggling with "overeating," binging & diet culture this is a must-listen!

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:
  • The link between restriction and compulsive eating behavior
  • What most people miss when it comes to compulsive eating behavior
  • Why making peace with food is not the ultimate solution for binging, overeating or any compulsive behaviors.
  • The belief that is fundamentally holding your back from eating “normally.”
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