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Today we will answer two major questions I get when I teach health professionals about the non-diet approach.

Usually, these questions come right on the tail end of the first time being introduced to the Non-Diet Approach.

What are those questions that almost all health professionals have at their first encounter with the non-Diet approach?

But, what about health?


What about nutrition?

These two questions reveal how entrenched diet and wellness culture along with weight stigma in our education as a health professional.

It is very important to note that we, as health professionals, were blind to this. We were taught to teach our patient and client how to co-opt diet culture and fatphobia.

We have been trained and learned to believe that health can only result from dieting, thinness and restriction.

So when faced with an approach to health that doesn’t promote diet culture, dieting, weight loss or food restriction, we assume it's not “healthy”…

Non-Diet Approach to Health and Nutrition

In today’s episode, we will be helping you navigate these two questions when encountering the non-diet approach for the first time.

But what about health?

But what about nutrition?

What you’ll learn listening to this episode of Non-Diet Approach to Health and Nutrition:
  • How to define health within a non-diet approach
  • The danger of viewing health as personal responsibility
  • Healthism
  • The social determinants of health
  • How to view nutrition within a non-diet approach
  • Gentle Nutrition
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