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How to attract clients that are ready to do the work?

Right now, clients coming to me want to lose weight?

What should I do?

These are the questions that the newest episode of the Beyond The Food Pro series podcast will be answering.

Inside of our Non-Diet Mentorship program, we spend two months crafting our marketing strategy, implement a non-diet marketing funnel and practicing. Although it would be impossible for me to share all that we do, I’ve extracted what I think will help you attract clients ready to stop chasing weight loss.

The Non-Diet Marketing Framework

In today’s episode, I’ll share five takeaways from our non-diet Mentorship program marketing modules that you can implement in your business now to build an effective non-diet marketing framework for your coaching practice.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:
  • Why you have to fall in love with marketing
  • Why you need a marketing strategy first before going on social media
  • The secret behind consistency and trust in marketing
  • What problem are you solving for your client
  • Educating and nurturing is the key to conversion
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