290-Her Story: High Achieving & Type A Woman Unlearning Diet Culture with Kim


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Are you successful in many aspects of your life, yet food and body remain a secret struggle?

Kim Beckman is a high-performing, achieving professional who, after a 50-year journey with food and body restriction, has committed herself to the journey of unlearning diet culture. She joined Undiet Your Life a year ago, and in this interview, she will share with us what she has learned. She has a special message for all “type A” women!

What you’ll learn listening to this episode on a high achieving & type-A woman unlearning diet culture:
  • The 50 years journey searching for THE formula
  • How perfectionism and control was in every part of her life
  • What triggered her to stop trying to fix her body
  • How learning to befriend vulnerability was a game-changer for her
  • The gift of unlearning diet culture beyond the food she has experience.
  • The role of mentor she is now taking in her profession to help other women
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