291-Her Story: Creating Unshakable Self-Acceptance with Monserratt


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Are you a very logical woman who perhaps uses her brain capacity to succeed at work yet struggles with her relationship to food & body?

And just like me in secret, you wonder: Why is it that I can solve very complicated problems at work, yet something as simple as how I eat and feel about my body isn’t working for me?

You’re not alone—the secret thought and the same one that many of us have or had.

In this new segment of Her Story, you’ll meet Monserrat Lopez, a Physics Ph.D. and a sewing artist, mom of 2 and wife to an amazing man. In her journey to undiet her life, radical self-responsibility has created an unshakable sense of self-acceptance in her life.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode on creating unshakable self-acceptance:
  • Unlearning how to use her logical brain in order to create the life she wanted
  • The learning from her relationship to social media and self-acceptance
  • A life event that allowed her to expand self-acceptance beyond the food
  • The relationship between self-responsibility and self-acceptance
  • How her personal growth is impacting her children
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