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How do you go from studying journalism in the midwestern United States to revolutionizing the education system of another continent? I don’t know. So I asked Audrey Cheng about her company.

The Moringa School is enabling a whole generation of high-potential, proactive people passionate about technology to become top mobile and web developers by equipping them with skills to do so. Through top quality teachers and a curated curriculum, the school aims to world-class developers in Africa.

Founder Audrey Cheng has partnered with Hack Reactor, a top Silicon Valley coding school, to develop a world-class intro-to-programming course and an immersive, intensive 19-week program to train top mobile, web and front-end developers.

The World Bank has chosen Moringa School to be their Middle East and Africa location in their study on the effectiveness of coding bootcamps in emerging markets.

Attend my one-day conference January 27th in Pittsburgh. Learn more here.

Audrey’s Challenge; Be aware of your emotions. Pause. And tell yourself, “It’s going to be ok.”

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