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Matt Kesinger’s company, Forest Devices, is developing the medical device ALPHASTROKE to help first responders identify stroke and triage patients to the right hospital.

Strokes are the #1 cause of disability worldwide. Lives are changed by how quickly a stroke is diagnosed and treated.

Matt was EMT in Boston for two years and learned how hard it can be to diagnose a stroke with just a clinical exam.

While attending the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Matt conducted and published research on the difficulties of pre-hospital providers diagnosing stroke. He was part of the team that conducted the largest US study on the identification of large vessel occlusive strokes in the pre-hospital environment.

In this conversation, Matt & Aaron discuss how to diagnose a stroke, the testing process for medical devices, and the mission that inspires the team.

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Matt Kesinger’s Challenge; Learn the signs of a stroke.

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