Pippo Mio – an intro to Inzaghi


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Jimbo, James Horncastle and Gab Marcotti present a long-awaited retrospective on the career of Pippo Inzaghi.
He won the Champions League and the World Cup. Only 3 men have scored more goals in Europe than him. But was he actually any good? His former team-mate at Atalanta, Richard Hughes, gives us the answer.
We look at the connection Inzaghi had with fans and pundits alike, if not always his strike partners.

• PART 1: Inzaghi – the quintessential Italian footballer? (01m 00s)
• PART 2a: Inzaghi’s route to Juve (07m 00s)
• PART 2b: Inzaghi’s former teammate Richard Hughes tells us if he was any good (11m 45s)
• PART 3a: Inzaghi’s issues with Del Piero (15m 30s)
• PART 3b: Inzaghi moves to Milan (19m 30s)
• PART 4a: Inzaghi wins the Champions League for Milan (22m 30s)
• PART 4b: Pippo’s most memorable goals (27m 00s)
• PART 5a: Inzaghi’s last game for Milan (32m 00s)
• PART 5b: Pippo’s coaching career (35m 30s)
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