GSS 126: How to Break 80


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It's finally here! What so many of you have been emailing, messaging me, and asking for... a process on how to break 80!

Are you a golfer who's stuck in the 80s and you just can't quite seem to break through that barrier and start scoring in the 70s?

Pre-Register for the Breaking 80 Blueprint:

Through my experience as a player, a coach, and as an interviewer of DOZENS of PGA professionals there are 4 cornerstones of breaking 80:

  1. A well polished short game
  2. A smooth swing that let's you control distance
  3. The ability to play well under pressure
  4. A mental game that let's you stay committed to each individual swing

If you need help in any (or all) of these areas then you need to pre-register for my newest course, the Breaking 80 Blueprint.

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