From Beyond The Edge Of Time


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We just noticed that todays titles tell a weird story on their own. If we hadn't been distracted by the greatness of the 45s, we could probably write a book about atomic bombs, aliens, pills, whiskey, taxes, welfare, minimum wage, misery... and one little baby. What a nightmare!

The how and why and what we do:
Steve Barry - The Nightmare (VERUS)
Sammy Salvo - One Little Baby (MARK V)
Hank Penny - Taxes, Taxes (RCA)
Cora Woods - Rocks In Your Head (FEDERAL)
Ernie Sheldon - And A Man (COLUMBIA)
The Carlisles - John Came Home (COLUMBIA)
Timothy Tree - Come Right Out (QUALIA)
Donnie Brooks - Sway And Move With The Beat (ERA)
Frank Dycus - The Visit (LOCO)
Mike Adkins - The Invaders Are Here (RCA)
Danny Welch - Riding Shotgun (STARS)
Barry Sadler - Whiskey (GAS)
Jack & The Contrasts - Thumpin' The Blues (PRECISE)
The Echoes - Every Second Of The Day (ART)
Jacky Lee - Misery (TEEN-AGER)
Bo Diddley - Pills (CHECKER)
B.K. Anderson - The Minimum Wage (SWIRL)
Mike Smith - That's What I'd Do (ERA)
Eric Chambers - Meigs County Welfare Blues (LANDFILL)
The Last Word - Sleepy Hollow (DOWNEY)
Harold L. & The Offbeats - Three Years (HAPPY HEARTS)
Hardrock Gunter - We Three (EMPEROR)

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