GBM 34 - Exploring The World Through Beer and Story with Professional Author, Editor & Podcast Host, John Holl


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Beer writers have the semi-glamorous and sometimes inglorious honor of traveling to various places to taste a lot of really good and really bad beer. This is all to inform and entertain the rest of us. They’re responsible for mundane beer reviews, technical essays on the next industry changing gadget, as well as inspiring stories of travel, adventure and flavor. But, every once in a while a beer writer takes a swig and then puts pen to paper, which truly opens the reader’s world view. My next guest is a beer writer, editor and podcast host who not only informs his readers, but takes them on a journey through the experiences and the philosophical realm of what beer can be. In this episode, he explores the “What” and the “Why” of beer and even discusses the three most dangerous words found in beer writing.

In his book “Drink Beer, Think Beer,” John Holl not only provides an insider’s view into the beer industry, but opens up a window to the world and to ourselves. I urge every professional and enthusiast to read it and explore what beer can teach us.

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