Episode 208: Crashing Through


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Alex is joined by some familiar faces in Vil and John from Geek Mythology Crafts! They talk about their recent adventures in Twitch streaming, caving on deals from the Steam Summer sale, getting prepped for the next World of Warcraft expansion, lootboxes in unexpected places, and an amazing mashup that works better than expected. They also discuss news items like Valve replacing Steam Spy, the latest (and most ridiculous) hero in Overwatch, Google's attempts at breaking into the video games business, Sony's problem with cross-play, plus lots more!

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Epistory - Typing Chronicles

Weapon Shop Fantasy

World of Warcraft

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Battle Chef Brigade


Uncharted creator Amy Hennig has departed EA, and her Star Wars game is "on the shelf"

Valve says it will offer new tools to replace Steam Spy

Overwatch’s next hero is a chubby hamster and I love it

Sources: Google Is Planning A Game Platform That Could Take On Xbox And PlayStation

The Sorry State Of PS4 Cross-Play

Sony introduces PlayStation Hits line on PS4 with $20 games

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This week’s episode features music from Street Fighter V The intro song is from Street Fighter X Tekken

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