Episode 175: Peripheral Vision


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Full show notes can be found here: https://innercitygeeks.com/2017/11/02/good-games-podcast-episode-175-peripheral-vision/


Frank and Alex talk about free lunches at Chipotle, bad mobile games, the continuing adventures in the Downside, marveling at all the new-found frames in Destiny 2, and dig in with the immensely charming Super Mario Odyssey. They also discuss news from Paris Games Week, the announcement of next year's Evo fighting game tournament, the mobile Animal Crossing game, GameStop's version of Blockbuster Video, and lots more this week!

What We've Been Playing



Destiny 2

Super Mario Odyssey


PlayStation at Paris Games Week: News, trailers and announcements

Prepare for the next fight: Evo 2018’s date and location revealed in the official announcement trailer

Animal Crossing Coming To Phones As A Camping Game

GameCube controller support comes to Nintendo Switch

GameStop is introducing a 6-month binge program called Power Pass - here's how it works

Mass Effect: Andromeda ties off loose ends with a new novel

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This week’s episode features music from the Super Mario OdysseyThe intro song is from Street Fighter X Tekken

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