Ali Siddiq's "Mexicans Got On Boots"


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This week on Good One, host Jesse David Fox sits down with stand-up Ali Siddiq. Ali is best known for going viral in 2015 after performing a story called “Mexicans Got On Boots” for the Comedy Central storytelling show, This Is Not Happening. The story has nearly 10 million views on Youtube, and in this interview, Jesse and Ali dive into what happened that day before the joke starts, what happened after, how he became a “storytelling” comedian, and so much more.

Coming 17 years into doing stand-up, with a number of TV appearances and three albums already under his belt, this one story was an unexpected jolt to his career. The next year he got a half hour special on Comedy Central, and in 2018 he released It’s Bigger than These Bars, an hour special shot in a Texas jail.

You can watch Ali’s This Is Not Happening stories—Mexicans Got On Boots, Mitchell, and more—on Comedy Central’s Youtube channel. You can watch Ali’s special, It's Bigger Than These Bars, on Comedy Central. You can find Ali Siddiq on Twitter and Instagram, too. Follow Jesse David Fox on Twitter and Instagram.

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