Laying Down the Law


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We all know there are rules to follow in life. Yet, we aren't always very good in following them. This can make Christian life seem impossible: we can't live up to what God asks of us. In this sermon, Fr. Stephen walks us through a very difficult passage with rules we cannot possibly keep. Jesus says these things to encourage us to seek the purpose of the law--not just to obey it but to embrace it as something good. The result isn't more obedient slaves, but more virtuous children.

Scripture Passage: Matthew 5:21-37

Preached on the 6th Sunday after Epiphany, February 16th, 2020 by Rev. Stephen Silverthorne

Sermon Highlights

  • Jesus' hard teachings are meant to surprise and shock
  • But they are given by a Lord who loves and understands us
  • Jesus calls us to embrace the purpose of the law
  • Law's purpose is to make us more godly
  • Godliness comes with attacking sin at its root
  • Deal with motivations for sin by working on relationships
  • Divorce is a broken relationship
  • Jesus calls us to lean into marriage, not look for a loophole to get out of it

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