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It's another girl power episode tonight here on GTWM Podcast S06E98! And it's female twenty-somethings so we got the youngins' representing tonight on this Saturday. It should be a lot of fun with these fierce four callers so let's get to them:

Caller #1 is Kate who is 28yrs old from Manila. Kate just found out that her ladyboy-gay friend is also banging the guy she's seeing. So yeah, there's that.

Caller #2 is Kat who is 22yrs old from Calgary. Kate is married, but her husband (who is 21yrs old) is in the Philippines. If that's not bad enough, Kat is super close to cheating on him with her best friends brother who is coming to move into her and her bff's house this December.

Caller #3 is Mereen who is 25yrs old from London. Mereen wants to watch Luka Doncic live so she asks Mo, if there was one Luka game to go to, which one should it be?

Caller #4 is Regina who is 26yrs old from Manila. Reg is a painter and she makes a pretty decent living in the arts. She could easily make more but she says she doesn't have a strong work ethic. She tends to procrastinate and not really put in a lot hours. She wants more from life but how when she's content with how things generally are.

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