Ep 73 - Goosebuds RPG - Issue #4 - Snap


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We jump right into the audio adventure, with our heroes trapped in an alternate reality videogame console. Join Chad, Paul and Dom as they fight through DM Kevin Cole's 90s adventure using the Space Kings gameplay system. In this episode the boys roleplay dads, fight Shalhoub the Video Djin, give ten fingers, and deal out some brutal, neck-snapping melee flips.

And our wonderful DM and editor Kevin Cole (@RealKevinCole) has launched the Kickstarter for Space Kings-- the system we use for Goosebuds RPG! kickstarter.com/projects/supertry/space-kings-the-book

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Edited by Kevin Cole (@RealKevinCole)

Original music by Seth Earnest (sethearnest.net)

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