Ep 95 - Don't Go To Sleep!


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As we enter 2021 the podcast is getting some updates. Dom has retired his haunted jersey and we need a new Goosebuds on the team. The Buds #1 draft pick is... Kevin Cole!

If you somehow don't know Kevin already from his multiple guest appearances, designing kickass games like Space Kings, and editing like all our episodes, we hope you welcome him into your heart like we have. We're excited to have our dwarven friend on the show to talk about YA books and 90s culture.

In this episode Kevin, Paul, and Chad cover the 1997 Goosebumps book Don't Go To Sleep!, a story about a reality hopping dork who just wants to sleep in his guest bed. That's the hero's journey for this book-- dude wants to nap on a sleep number. We also discuss the process of welcoming Kevin, Franklin the bus driver and his many kids, BiBs, and Jumpers.

Book discussion starts at: 11:35

OFF TOPICS: The Quiverfull Movement, Lord of the Rings percentages, Redwall mouse feasts.

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