33: Cover Songs


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Jon Foreman reimagines a Hank Williams classic. Andrew Osenga takes a stab at Sir Paul McCartney. Sara Groves puts her spin on Jars of Clay. We are featuring all cover songs - and all of these NOT available on Spotify!

-----------TRACK LIST EP.33----------
* "These Boots Were Made for Walkin'" - Jessica Campbell (orig Nancy Sinatra)
* "I Am" - The Franz Family (orig Jill Phillips)
* "Dancin' in the Dark" - Mat Kearney (orig Bruce Springsteen)
* "Love Crusade" - Christa Wells (orig Michael W. Smith)
* "These Days" - Eric Peters (orig Jackson Browne)
* "Flood" - Sara Groves (orig Jars of Clay)
* "Hungry Heart" - Audrey Assad (orig Bruce Springsteen)
* "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)" - Branches (orig Eurythmics)
* "Your Cheatin' Heart" - Jon Foreman (orig Hank Williams)
* "American Pie" - Giants & Pilgrims (orig Don McLean)
* "My Brave Face" - Andrew Osenga (orig Paul McCartney)
* "Brilliant Disguise" - Micah Dalton (orig Bruce Springsteen)
* "In My Room" - Jason Harrod (orig The Beach Boys)

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