55: Top 11 Gourmet Albums of 2020


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In countdown style, host Dave Trout features selections from our Critic' list of the Top 11 Gourmet Albums of 2020.

----------- TRACK LIST FOR EP.55 -----------
* God is Young - John Mark McMillan (from 'Peopled With Dreams')
* Two of a Million - Love Coma (from 'Love Coma')
* Let it Out - Christa Wells (from 'Pacific')
* More Alive - Melanie Penn (from 'More Alive')
* Old Days - Tyson Motsenbocker (from 'Someday I'll Make This All Up To You")
* Summer of '92 - The Classic Crime (from 'Patterns in the Static')
* Something to Sing About - Carrollton (from 'Carrollton')
* Already Gone - Waterdeep (from 'Tandem')
* Hang On - Needtobreathe (from 'Out of Body')
* City of Doubt - Tina Boonstra (from 'City of Doubt')

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