61: Online All-Star Concert


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In January 2021, we released an online concert *exclusively* to our UTR Support team. The live music on the episode is fabulous, and so you get to hear the audio version of that concert.

------- TRACK LIST FOR EP.61 -------
* I Believe in You [LIVE] - JJ Heller
* All Saints Day [LIVE] - Phil Madeira
* Walk [LIVE] - Joy Ike
* What Susan Said [LIVE] - Andrew Osenga
* The Voice of Jesus [LIVE] - Andrew Peterson
* Being Human [LIVE] - Carolyn Arends
* Mother's Daughter [LIVE] - Taylor Leonhardt

---------- CREDITS -----------
* Host/Producer - Dave Trout
* Special Guest Co-Hosts - Molly & Nolan Trout
* White Owl Music Fest (May 29-31) - https://whiteowlmusicfest.com
* Contest form for Sho Baraka book - https://utrmedia.org/winsho
* Thanks for grant from Thrivent Action Team
* Thanks to Savannah's Candy Kitchen in downtown Nashville
* HUGE thanks to our amazing UTR Support Team! Join in at https://utrmedia.org/donate

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