62: Preview of White Owl Music Fest 2021


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We share about the making of UTR's all-new White Owl Music Fest 2021, and hear music from several artists on the roster. Listen for a money-saving promo code on tickets at the end of the show!

---------- TRACK LIST FOR EP.62 ----------
* A Hero Song - Royce Lovett
* Set Me Free - Andrew Osenga
* Thirst No More - Sandra McCracken
* Free At Last - Nomads+Natives
* Human Race - Jars of Clay
* Deja Vu [LIVE at ETTL] - Taylor Leonhardt
* Gather - Christopher Williams

------------ CREDITS ------------
* Host/Producer - Dave Trout
* Ticket & Event info for WOMF 2021 - https://whiteowlmusicfest.com
* Listen to WOMF: The Playlist - https://utrmedia.org/womfpl
* Special Thanks to WOMF Sponsor: VisionTrust - https://visiontrust.org/womf
* Email: gourmetmusicpodcast@gmail.com

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