#134: Grace-based Friendship: Friendship + the Introvert with Yohonna Smith


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No matter our temperament or personality type, God designed us to be in friendship with each other. Whether introverts or extroverts, God invites us to come together, spur each other on to good works, care for each other, confess our sins to each other, and build each other up.

But what does this look like for introverts who love people AND also need time alone to recharge? I’m so glad Yohonna Smith is here because today, Yohanna

  • Gives hope when you struggle to initiate a friendship,
  • Shares what to do when your extroverted friend’s plans don’t align with your energy level,
  • And offers a gracious next step when you feel out of practice in putting yourself out there.
Key Quotes
  • “I might leave time with friends physically tired, but my soul is renewed and refreshed.” - Yohonna Smith
  • “You being in community is a blessing to other people.” - Yohonna Smith
  • “Instead of putting yourself out there, invite people in.” - Yohonna Smith
  • “We are socially out of shape.” - Yohonna Smith
  • “We need to step out. We need to start small.” - Yohonna Smith
  • “You need to check in with yourself, and you need to notice your capacity.” - Yohonna Smith
  • “We can protect our energy in a way that honors us and the other person.” - Jill E. McCormick
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About Yohonna Smith

Yohonna is the host of the Girls Talking Life podcast, where you will find God-honoring conversations to stir your soul and encourage you in your faith, life, and friendships.

She is also the creator of The Gathering Project, a five-day experience to plan, prep, and gather with your girlfriends.

Yohonna lives in central Ohio along with her husband, two daughters, and one bad dog. She spends her days in the details of family life, trying to find the balance between fun mom and responsible mom. She continuously struggles to find enough time in the day, to be brave enough to take action on the hard things, and to love Jesus more.

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