#136: Grace vs. Fear: When you believe you’re messing up your kids


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Most moms I know – at one time or another – have said some version of “I’m messing up my kids.”

Because we’ve lived the power of words and actions in our own lives with our parents, and because we know the truth of science, and the practicality of much of the messaging, we know our impact is critical and we take our roles seriously. This is good and right and true. And can be crushing to our confidence.

We can heap shame on ourselves when we know the facts and read God’s word and learn about a best practice, then line it all up against our failings.

So today, we’ll walk through:

  • Why we feel this way
  • How we define “messing up”
  • The specific ways we feel like we’re messing up our kids based on their ages
  • What is true
  • And finally, next steps for the grace-girl.
Key Quotes
  • “As image-bearers, our kids also hold the power of AND: impressionable AND resilient, strong AND in need, healing AND wounded.” - Writer + speaker Jill E. McCormick
  • “The Lord is not frustrated that we are learning to parent as we parent.” - Writer + speaker Jill E. McCormick
  • “The Lord is gentle with your heart and doesn’t place the task of salvation or perfect performance on you.” - Writer + speaker Jill E. McCormick
  • “Nothing we can do – no way we parent – will thwart what God has planned for our kids. - Writer + speaker Jill E. McCormick
  • “Repentance is coming home to who I most truly am.” - Writer + speaker Jill E. McCormick
  • “Be the best apologizer you know.” - Writer + speaker Jill E. McCormick
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