#137: Grace vs. Fear: When asking for help feels like The Worst


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Some of us feel like asking for help is The Worst, and our reasons for that fall into three buckets: our sin (like pride), wounds inflicted by others when we’ve asked for help in the past, and lies we believe about what it says about us if we ask for help.

We don’t want to stay stuck. We want to be helpers and helpees, so what do we do?

Today, we’ll work out:

  • why we find it so hard to accept help,
  • and practical tools to help you move away from not asking for help and toward reaching out.
Key Quotes
  • “There is no need to atone or pay penance for our forgiven sin.” - Writer + speaker Jill E. McCormick
  • “You do not need to wallow in self-pity or guilt or shame as a way to prove your sorrow over your sin. - Writer + speaker Jill E. McCormick
  • “Woundedness tells us it’s easier to go it alone than it is to risk putting our vulnerable, heartbroken selves back out there.” - Writer + speaker Jill E. McCormick
  • “The process of forgiveness involves counting the debt, canceling that debt, releasing judgment, and allowing God to fill your deficit.” - Writer + speaker Jill E. McCormick
  • "Fear often calls itself truth. ” - Writer + speaker Jill E. McCormick
  • “I don’t want to listen to what I think. I want to listen to what Jesus says.” - Writer + speaker Jill E. McCormick
  • “We leave God’s best on the table because our sin, woundedness, and the lies we believe Get in the way.” - Writer + speaker Jill E. McCormick
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