#138: ‘Tis The Season: Gift ideas for every Enneagram type


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We’re talking about gift ideas for each Enneagram type and how each type feels about gifts in general.

Each Enneagram type has gifts they would love to give and gifts they love to receive. In today’s episode, we’re going to break down:

  • Each type’s gift-giving philosophy
  • How each type feels as a gift-giver and gift-receiver
  • And gift ideas for all nine types, including gifts you should NEVER buy!
Key Quotes
  • “More than any other type, Eights want something from the heart. You want to know that you are fully known, seen, and appreciated for who you are and the hobbies you enjoy.” - Jill E. McCormick
  • “Nines, as a gift-receiver, you worry that you didn’t get the item you most (secretly) wanted, and now you have to pretend you like it.” - Jill E. McCormick
  • “Ones, you grow anxious as you try to think of the perfect gift for everyone on your list so you throw in the towel and decide to give everyone an impersonal gift card.” - Jill E. McCormick
  • “Twos, you do not want to get junk for anyone on your list; instead, you want each gift to be meaningful, which puts a lot of pressure on your time, resources, and finances to find the most special, personal gift for every single person you love.” - Jill E. McCormick
  • “For Threes, gifts are practical means to a goal-achieving end.” - Jill E. McCormick
  • “Nothing is worse to a Four than a generic, practical gift. You want a deeply personal, tell-me-you-get-me kinda gift.” - Jill E. McCormick
  • “Fives, you love practical gifts, but truly, you aren’t really into stuff.” - Jill E. McCormick
  • “Sixes, as a gift-giver, you love giving meaningful gifts you know your people will appreciate and use, but you hate the shopping and stores required.” - Jill E. McCormick
  • “Sevens, as a gift-receiver, nothing makes your heart happier than a quality experience with your people.” - Jill E. McCormick

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