#144: Spiritual Health: Paying attention with Anjuli Paschall


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Today we’re talking about the spiritual discipline of paying attention and awakening to God’s love for you.

Through this series on spiritual health, I want us – women of God and sisters in Christ – to be healthy and to shed who we are not and the false narratives that don’t serve us well so we can live and move and have our being in freedom and grace.

I pray that we will lean – not into the discipline, for the discipline isn’t the point –but that we would lean into the God who is actively shaping us and that we will learn to love who we are becoming.

In this episode, Anjuli shares:
  • How to pay attention is different seasons
  • How to let people in when you’re terrified
  • And what it looks like for Jesus to be with you
Key Quotes
  • “The way in which I was doing the spiritual disciplines was totally killing me inside.” - Author Anjuli Paschall
  • “The thought of stopping and being alone in a cabin for three weeks terrified me. And what terrified me the most was being with myself.” - Author Anjuli Paschall
  • “When we stay with ourselves, and we stay with God staying with us, that is the living water we are thirsty for.”- Author Anjuli Paschall
  • “When we stop and open our hearts, it’s messy.” - Author Anjuli Paschall
  • “The invitation the Lord is giving you is to stay because that’s where the Lord is. He is with you.” - Author Anjuli Paschall
  • “The real hope with any discipline is to not get good at the discipline but to become wise and well in the thing you want to grow in.” - Author Anjuli Paschall
  • “What do you see? When you look in the mirror and look at yourself, what’s there?” - Author Anjuli Paschall
  • “Paying attention is actually receiving the life you’ve been given.” - Author Anjuli Paschall
  • “Paying attention looks like being really honest with myself and being really honest with others.” - Author Anjuli Paschall
  • “Trust the journey Jesus has you on.” - Author Anjuli Paschall
  • “The capacity for you to be vulnerable is dependent on the other person’s capacity and your experience of their reliability.” - Author Anjuli Paschall
  • “Now I care very little about someone perceiving me as a good mom. I care about being the mom my kids need.” - Author Anjuli Paschall
  • “Parenting is a tender balance between love and freedom.” - Author Anjuli Paschall
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About Anjuli Paschall

Anjuli is the author of Stay and Awake.

She grew up encircled by an orange grove in San Diego. After graduating from Point Loma Nazarene University, she earned her master's degree in spiritual formation and soul care from Talbot Seminary. She currently lives in Southern California with her husband, Sam, and five children.

She is the founder of The Moms We Love Club and writes regularly for (in)courage.

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