#145: Spiritual Health: Spending time with Jesus with Arabah Joy and Jen Evangelista


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Today we’re talking about the spiritual discipline of spending time with Jesus.

Is there any more transformational practice than spending time with Jesus? When we talk with Him and listen to Him and love Him and let Him love us back, it changes everything. We are no longer who we were after we’ve spent time with Christ.

In this episode, AJ and Jen share:
  • Ideas to freshen up your quiet time
  • Creative ways to find time to spend with Jesus when your kids are little or homeschooling
  • And the remembrance that all it takes is one step at a time in the direction of Jesus to shape a life.
Key Quotes
  • “God’s heart’s desire is for us to remain with Him.” - AJ and Jen
  • “Everything in my life is intended to be for the glory of God.” - AJ and Jen
  • “It’s okay to schedule time with God; it doesn’t mean I’m not spiritual because I don’t get up at 4 a.m. and study.” - AJ and Jen
  • “It was my desperation that forced me to make the shift from checking off the list of spiritual things to, ‘I really need Jesus Himself.’” - AJ and Jen
  • “Embrace the difficult season you’re in, and don’t feel guilty about what you can’t do or are not doing. Instead, allow that situation to drive you to Jesus.” - AJ and Jen
  • “I tend to have spiritual ADHD, and I rush through things so fast that I miss the point.” - AJ and Jen
  • “I made my quiet time portable through meditation.” - AJ and Jen
  • “The Lord will increase your desire and your ability to find the cracks and the in-between moments.” - AJ and Jen
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AJ is a career missionary, and Jen is a pastor's wife. Together, they have spent the last 27+ years mentoring others in their relationship with God.

Collectively, they've adopted internationally, lived in five different countries, gone through medical school, put their husbands through seminary, planted churches, worked as professionals, started their own businesses, served as military wives, volunteered in schools, and homeschooled kids.

Because of this, they bring decades of ministry and life experience to the women they serve in Sojo Academy, the global community of women they run together.

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