#70 Recaps Sprigs vs. Jones, UMW4, F2W 104/105, King of Mats Lightweights, SOGI 1 Previews Polaris 9


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This week on the Grappling Rewind Podcast we talk about the weeks news, and as always recap the weeks professional BJJ events; and preview the upcoming weeks events

This week in news we talk about Patrick Gaudio announced for the IBJJF HW GP, Kamaru Usman earning his black belt in BJJ after defeating Tyron Woodly. Polaris Pro 9 has announced that sport betting for the event is live and that you can bet on professional grappling. In the big news Metamoris has announced that they are making a comeback and we found out how much money everyone is owed to athletes. Then we pontificate about who else didn’t get paid for their events. Plus we discuss Ralek Gracie MMA hour interview where he announces a search for a partner financially and operational partner. We talk about the leaked Gracie Barra Threats to the red shield post that popped up on Reddit /r/bjj. Then we get into the recaps section of the show.

It was a packed week with the UAE King of Mats Lightweights, and UAEJJF Grand Slam in London taking place, Ultimate Mat Warriors 4 the Flyweights, Fight to Win 104 Dallas, TX, Grappling Industries Tim Sprigs vs. Craig Jones. We round out the show taking about SOGI 1. (We were unable to recap the Kasai Pro Qualifier for the 205 pound upcoming tournament due to the number of events this weekend), seriously were two guys there is only so much Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we can watch and take notes on in a 48 hour period.

We start the recaps section off talking about the UAE King of Mats Lightweights, and UAEJJF Grand Slam in London. This event features two matches that make our Rewind Recommends list. This event features the best production we have seen from a grappling event. Overhead cameras, replay, ref replay, picture in picture, and more. This event featured great matches from Paulo Miyao, Isaac Doederlein, Hiago George and Joao Batista De Sousa.

After that we move into our recap of a fun superfight between Tim Sprigs vs. Craig Jones at Grappling Industries. These two ADCC 2019 bound competitors squared off in Philly, in a dynamic match that we really enjoyed breaking down. Maine and Emil talk about how much they enjoy seeing grapplers and competitors staying active in the run up to ADCC.

We continue with the recap section talking about Fight to Win 104 Dallas, TX, one of it not the most stacked events Fight to Win has ever put together. This event paid out over 50,000 dollars to athletes in salaries and commissions; making this event the highest paying event the promotion has ever run. This event featured Seth Daniels competing with a broken hand and prompted the question is it cool to attack an injury in competition? This card also featured Yuri Simoes vs. Rafael Lovato Jr in one of the highest-level matchups F2W has ever put on. Manuel Ribamar, DJ Jackson, Rafael Formiga Barbosa, and Nick Greene also were featured at the top of the card.

We then move onto our recap of the Ultimate Mat Warriors 4 the Flyweights. An event stacked with flyweight talent. Maine gets to see a matchup he was looking forward to in Marcello Cohen vs. Austin Daffron in the semi finals of the tournament, plus an exciting finals match.

After that we recap a few of the finals matches and finishing sequence from SOGI 1 the promotion inaugural event that crowned four champions at bamtamweight Junny Ocasio, at Welterweight Michael Kastroba, at Middleweight Enrique Galarza, and at Heavyweight Viktor Vaughn. As well as the announcement of an upcoming Quintet style event.

Then we move into the previews section taking a look at Polaris Pro 9 headlined by

Rafael Lovato Jr vs. Jake Shields, Vagner Rocha vs. Ross Nicholls, Ffion Dvaies vs Gezary Matuda, E

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