Finding Freedom Through Travel


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“Each day is a new chapter in your life, and you get to decide what chapter comes next.” –Lori Allen

Great Escape Radio Host, Jody Maberry and Great Escape Publishing Director, Lori Allen explore the idea of freedom.

People want freedom.

Lori shares a recent example she heard in the news…

“Two elderly men broke out of their nursing home to attend a heavy metal concert. They were just a couple of old “metal heads” seeking freedom from their lives in the home. After the men were located and returned to the nursing home, the festival organizers tweeted about it saying, ‘You’re never too old to rock!’”

These men aren’t unlike many others…no one likes feeling trapped.

Lori shares her experiences growing up in a family of prison guards. It was a good job that came with benefits.

“What it was to me was a constant reminder of what happens when people are trapped…when their freedoms are taken away.”

Loss of freedom comes in many forms…a job you hate…a toxic relationship…lack of options for change.

But the truth is, you control the destination of your life…you get to choose the next chapter.

Sometimes it just takes a little encouragement or inspiration from others to realize you can regain the freedom you crave.

Listen in as Jody and Lori discuss some of the ways people are finding the keys to the new chapters of their lives.

If you’re looking for your own type of freedom, explore the options Great Escape Publishing offers to help you on your journey. A great place to start is with their travel writing program. You’ll more details about it at

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