#007: J. Thorn – The ’Three Story Method’, systematisation, and finding what works for you.


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J Thorn is a top 100 author in Horror, Sci-Fi, Action and Adventure and Fantasy. He’s one of the lead hosts of The Career Author Podcast, alongside Zach Bohannon, and the Writer’s Well podcast, alongside Rachel Herron, as well as a certified StoryGrid editor, writing coach, a part-time radio host and musician.

J is the indie king of collaboration, and now co-runs his publishing company, Molten Universe Media, alongside Zach. Through this company they publish post-apocalyptic fiction, and host events which have taken budding authors all across America. 2020 will also see their first writer’s conference as they take over the Sell More Book Show summit from indie superstars Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen, and host the first ever Career Author Summit in Nashville.

In this episode we go deep into:

  • J Thorn & Zach Bohannon’s 'Three Story Method'
  • How to perfect your writing process
  • How to systematise your life to increase productivity
  • Choosing a collaborator and levelling up your fiction
  • The changing attitudes of collaboration
  • Pros and cons of organising events for writers
  • Taking over the Sell More Books Show
  • Pursuing traditional publishing at ThrillerFest
  • Choosing the right projects and managing opportunity costs
  • How best to divide your time as a full-time author

J answers questions from Patrons:

  • Jon Cronshaw: What's the value of podcasting? Do you find it's better for engaging readers or as a tool for networking and expanding author services?
  • Ian J Middleton: Any advice for writing horror in a series?
  • Jon Cronshaw: What tips do you have for marketing to am audience (such as post-apocalyptic) who just want to be left alone and have no interest in engaging with authors?

Find out more about J Thorn:

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Links from the show:

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Aristotle’s ‘Poetics'

R.L Stine’s Masterclass

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