Mini-Episode: Dear Legion 2


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Greater Boston is created by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason, with help from T.H. Ponders, Bob Raymonda, and Jordan Stillman. Recording and technical assistance from Marck Harmon.

Portions of this episode were recorded at The Bridge Sound and Stage with recording engineers Javier Lom and Alex Alinson.

This episode was written and sound designed by Alexander Danner, with dialogue editing by Bob Raymonda.


This episode featured:

  • Terrell Worrell Jr as the Legion Assistant
  • Gabby Ammerman as Young Red Linean
  • Bonnie Bogovitch as Infernal Machine
  • Mike Linden as Oliver West (he/him)
  • Bonnie Calderwood-Aspinwall as Red Linean Parent
  • and James Capobianco as Professor Paul Montgomery Chelmsworth (he/him)


Charlie on the MTA recorded by Emily Peterson and Dirk Tiede

Pipers' Despair recorded by Adrienne Howard, Emily Peterson, and Dirk Tiede


Greater Boston is a ThirdSight Media Production


  • Corporate Surveillance
  • Parental guilt
  • Absent father
  • Discussion of parental cruelty
  • AI getting cheeky

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