People Fighting and Dying Over Monuments

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Why Tear Down Monuments of Our History

I know there are many people who will say that it is a stain of our history, but it is our history. Just because you move or tear down monuments doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and certainly will not make us forget.There are many statues from “both” side, if we’re talking politics, that make us feel strongly that they should be taken down. Is that what we want? What’s next, the monuments in Washington, D.C.?

I can’t believe that certain groups are trying to silence people who THINK differently. We have politicians who FEEL they can’t have permits approved because their particular views aren’t the views of the permit requester. That’s just silencing free speech. Universities and colleges around the country seem to routinely prevent the voice of opposing views. “Safe Spaces” Anyone?

Lives Lost in Charlottesville

Charlottesville, VA lost three lives during a protest because men and women from all sides were allowed to bring bats, helmets, shields, and masks, which are illegal in Virginia, to a rally. Virginia’s State Public Safety Secretary Brian Moran, admittedly at the command center during the event. Why weren’t these people arrested? He had no answer according to the 1140WRVA’s Jeff Katz Show.

I have a three minute segment in my podcast that has audio from Richmond’s Police radios dealing with the protest which started around 11:00pm on Sunday night August 12th. Capitol Police and State Police were there to assist as well. There was one arrest and several people injured. The dispatches did a great job monitoring and assisting all units involved.

When it comes to planning for an event there needs to be contingencies. No policing plan, or military plan for that matter, goes according to that plan. Plans have moving parts or at least should. Plan, adapt, and overcome. Things are usually fluid during a rally event. Checking your flank and your six (behind you) is a normal part of a police plan, or it should be.

The police did a great job in Richmond and in Charlottesville. The Leaders who put the plan in action and who made or didn’t make corrections are to blame. Leadership is not for everyone. Sometimes you don’t know how you will react until you are confronted with a situation.

I believe the leadership in Charlottesville failed that young lady and two State Troopers who were killed. The Police Chief, Sec. of Public Safety, and the Governor should step down or be thrown out of office.

Where Do We Go From Here?

At the time of this article, the September 16th rally in Richmond has been cancelled by the originator. Let things cool down. It’s great to protest peacefully. I think there are forces that create, allow, and pay for these professional combative protesters. I guess when you’re bored and need money you’ll take it from anywhere you can.

How about this… Richmond is known for its History, nightlife, bars, and food. It’s such a waste of time and effort to try and move monuments. We have more pressing things going on. Focus your energies actually working. Stop taking Basket Weaving in college and go do something constructive in your life. Moving or removing monuments… Really?

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