151: Off Meta with Amir Rajan


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02:27 - Amir’s Superpower: Sensitivity to Development Pain

A Picture of Amir’s Keyboard and Battlestation

Eye Tracker

06:59 - Developer Productivity and Breaking Constraints

Magic Leap

16:58 - Idea Flow

21:00 - Building an Environment That Enables You

  • File Watching
  • Automating Leverage

28:18 - Optimizing Local Maxima

Bret Victor: The Future of Programming

  • Delta Time

41:01 - Questioning Fundamental Assumptions

  • Continuity of Design™️
  • Gradual Stiffening

46:55 - Game Development


56:05 - Extremeness and Pushing Boundaries: Being a Weirdo/Being an Outlier/Thinking Differently

Off Meta, Super Smash Brothers Melee Gods

Meta and Off Meta

DragonRuby Game Toolkit Sandbox


Jess: “A pin on my upkeeps.”

Avdi: Meta and off meta.

John: Continuity of design.

Rein: Continuity and discreteness.

Janelle: Process-oriented thinking.

Amir: Being consistent with philosophies.

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Special Guest: Amir Rajan.

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