The Art of listening with Amir Magal


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Amir Magal, artist and founder of Tribal Markers, is reigniting interest in ancient rituals to spark modern connection. By creating art on the body, Amir is tapping into our most basic, human desires: to be heard, witnessed and touched. He has been travelling from coast to coast, connecting with people, and connecting them to their inner beauty. Here’s more of what he had to say about art, life, and gratitude. This episode is from our recording session in Costa Rica during the ENVISION FESTIVAL 2019.

Artist and creator of the Tribal Body Marker, Amir Magal is inspiring yoga and festival communities all over the world to take a breath and spark deep soul connections through the sacred art of tribal marking.

Israeli Born and Venice beach local, Amir has been a photographer and visual artists his entire life. His work is well known in the yoga and Conscious world. An artist to the core, Amir loves the unknown and the adventure of Life.

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