25: Kevin Max


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4-Time Grammy Award-winning member of DC Talk and renaissance indie solo artist Kevin Max joins us to talk about his latest musical endeavors, including the debut vinyl release of "Romeo Drive."

---------- TRACKS ON EP.25 ------------
* "Half of the Better One" (from AWOL)
* "Romeo Drive" (from Romeo Drive)
* "Colored People" (from Jesus Freak)
* "R U a Spirit?" (from Romeo Drive)

---------- CREDITS -----------
* Kevin Max's Website - http://kevinmax.com
* SPONSOR 1: Eden Wilhelm's EP - http://is.gd/edenwsp
* SPONSOR 2: Matt Case's Album - http://is.gd/mcasesp
* SPONSOR 3: Jesse Jack Murray's Single - http://is.gd/totsingle
* "Romeo Drive" on vinyl available starting 10/31/19 at http://oldbearrecords.com

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