38: Wake Low + Sara Groves


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It's our Season Finale of our 4th season of GRD! We're talking with Aedan, Asher, & Skye Peterson (aka, the band Wake Low), plus a 10-year rewind interview with Sara Groves.

-------- TRACK LISTS FOR EP.38 ---------
* Autumntide - Wake Low
* Curtains - Wake Low
* Roll To The Middle [LIVE] - Sara Groves

---------- CREDITS ------------
* Host/Producer - Dave Trout
* Wake Low's website: https://www.facebook.com/wakelowmusic/
* Wake Low's Backyard Concert with UTR - https://youtu.be/YHzmEBI3YVw * Sara Groves' website: https://saragroves.com
* Sara Groves Spotlight Interview with UTR - https://youtu.be/WdwwXRMCk4c * SPONSOR: White Owl Music Fest - https://whiteowlmusicfest.com
* Promo Code for #WOMF21 (May 7-9 only) = MOM21
* Special Thanks to ReFrame Media, Northwind Manor, Cedar Lake Ministries, Eric Hufford, & UTR's support team

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