Taboo Tuesday 2004


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The show was delayed, as was JR's plane, and boy is his pissed off this week on Grilling JR! Don't miss his controversial comments about today's product and the one back in October 2004. You just won't believe what he has to say about critics, Johnny Ace, and so much more. You'll also hear about the early idea behind the WWE Network, Triple H's backstage politics, Pat Patterson resigning, Hassan coming to the main roster, Al Snow as a trainer, the Tough Enough 4 class, why Ryback didn't have a longer run in the WWE, why Shelton didn't become a bigger star, who JR thinks we need a "locker room full of" who has unfortunately passed on, how the ladies handled lingerie matches and the like, what promo had Vince furious at Flair, and of course what was "real" and what wasn't about the voting for Taboo Tuesday 2004!

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