157: Started as VA in a corporate company, but due to drastic change brought by COVID, she utilized her skills in marketing & found certification to help six-figure business owners how to use systems to scale their business. (Salome Fourie)


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In this episode, I interview Salome Fourie, the Founder of The Fourie Agency, a business management agency based in Kansas, USA. The Fourie Agency helps six-figure business owners scale their systems business through systems and team management. Salome is a certified online business manager and passionate about learning something from her clients.

The agency was founded in January 2021. Due to drastic changes brought by COVID, Salome’s corporate job was affected. She decided to get a certification so she can still utilize her skill in marketing and help more clients in a more holistic way. In less than a year, she found an incredible growth of 500%. She is now working all over the world with different clients and different industries.

Salome recommended that to build a sustainable culture to help with growth, there must always be open communication between the people involved. She said, “If you want people to stay long term with you, make it fun for them to want to work with you. Appreciate the things that they do well, and recognize that verbally.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Working with different clients from different industries, small to medium businesses who need somebody to truly come alongside them and help them manage their business.
  • Helping clients with launches, systems, and projects for their business.
  • Helping six-figure business owners, who lack time and get frustrated by their systems and team management.
  • Not only increase their productivity but to increase their profitability and their scalability for their business.
  • A certified online business manager, one of the most organized and hardest working people.
  • Found certification and utilized her skills in marketing to help more clients in a more holistic way than she was working in an office.
  • Launched the agency on her own and later on, her husband became her business partner handling a lot of IT-related things.
  • Got an incredible growth of 500% for just almost a year since starting the business management agency.
  • The importance of seeking help from somebody who knows better about something that you find so difficult.
  • The importance of open communication within the organization to understand the concept and implement it for business growth.

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“For me, success is not necessarily related to how much money I'm bringing in but I think it's more related to the type of life I've been able to create.” —Salome Fourie

“If you don't know how to create a strategy for yourself, find somebody to help you create a strategy.” —Salome Fourie

“If you don't kind of stay ahead of the game, and keep up with the trends, your business is going to fail.” —Salome Fourie

“You just need to have the right process for yourself and your business and that's why processes are so important.” —Salome Fourie

“Never give up no matter how hard it gets.” —Salome Fourie


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