161: In 2014, founded a platform specializing in leadership & management training for organizations and individuals. Now a four-time business owner creating a multi-million dollar success. With 10 FTEs & annual growth of 20%. (Stevie Dawn Carter)


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In this episode, I interview Stevie Dawn Carter, the CEO and Founder of Stevie Dawn Inspires, LLC based in Mansfield, USA. Stevie Dawn Inspires is a platform dedicated to helping people be productive at work and happy at home. They provide corporate training sessions and leadership development for individuals who want to be productive and impactful.

Stevie Dawn is a four-time business owner who has created a multi-million dollar success in business, fine art, dance, and now speaking/coaching. She started her first business as early as 17. She owned and operated her first dance studio in Australia. She has lived her life doing what she loves and at the same time helping people to have an impact in the world.

According to Stevie, the hardest thing in growing a small business is keeping it afloat despite the challenges. She says, “Growing a small business is not always going to be easy. There's going to be a lot of hardship. And it's about not giving up and just keep swimming until you get there.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Helping people find, reignite, and chase their joy both at work and at home.
  • Ability to energize others to unleash their unstoppable success.
  • A professional speaker and coach, talking about leadership, emotional intelligence, and unstoppable success.
  • Working with small business owners to increase their impact and for greater purposes.
  • Coaching small business owners to be more effective, more organized, more profitable, and more impactful.
  • Speaks, motivates, and inspires others from experiences highlighting learned failures throughout the journey.
  • The importance of setting expectations to grow the culture a small business owner has started.
  • Specializing in leadership and management training for organizations and individuals.
  • Has created a multi-million dollar success in business, fine art, dance, and now speaking/coaching.
  • Helping people be productive and impactful through corporate training sessions, leadership development, and high-energy that inspires.

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“Communication is the key to all relationships.” —Stevie Dawn Carter

“For me, success always comes with a feeling of peace.” —Stevie Dawn Carter

“If I get better, everybody gets better and everything gets better.” —Stevie Dawn Carter

“Don't quit, just keep going.” —Stevie Dawn Carter

“If you want to grow the culture you have started then, have clear expectations.” —Stevie Dawn Carter


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