Avoid Silicon Valley's “bro bubble” with CEO Anne Bonaparte


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Learn more about Anne's company Brightpoint Security , non-profit Deathwise and her family's famous Shramsberg Winery

Learn more about Anne's company Brightpoint Security, non-profit Deathwise and her family's famous Shramsberg Winery

Lately there’s a lot that’s been published about the lack of diversity within the Silicon Valley tech community which have been generally populated by a lot of young, white guys and for the most part, still are. So, I was excited to have Anne Bonaparte on the show. I invited her about 8 months ago to come in and chat a little bit about being a mid-stage CEO not just because she's a woman not in her 20s, but really just because she’s outstanding at her job and understands how diversity can come from all sorts of places. Of course back when she originally did this interview, she was the third person I had talked to and I had no idea how to set up a good recording environment, so I ended up with pretty messed up files and not enough experience to correct them. It’s taken me this long to acquire the needed skills to be able to release this episode and not have it sound like crap. Anyway, Anne’s point of view about how to create healthy conflict at the workplace, and a productive, diverse environment for growth couldn’t be more true today then it was when we chatted eight months ago.

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