How to negotiate with people you love with FBI Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss


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The images we all have when it comes to negotiation are combative lawyers, confrontational car salesman or maybe the pit-sweats we’ve all had when asking our boss for a raise. While it’s true those things are negotiations, all of life is a negotiation. Those people who are closest to us— our spouse, parents, kids or friends— you’re negotiating with them all the time.

Given how prevalent negotiation is, you’d think we’d all be pretty good at it but let’s face it, we suck. Ask most people and just the word “negotiation” sends up their defenses. It would seem mastering negotiation with the people you love the most could really change your life.

Who better to talk to about negotiation than Christopher Voss. For over 24 years he was an FBI Hostage Negotiator. He investigated the first bombing of the World Trade Center and has been a primary negotiator on some of the highest profile situations around the world. After working on over 150 international hostage cases, Chris retired and then founded The Black Swan Group and authored the hugely popular book, Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It.

In this episode you’ll learn all kinds of incredibly helpful tools to help you navigate the next time you negotiate with a loved one. Oh, and stay tuned until the end of the show to get a special code to receive free weekly tips from Chris. In the meantime, be on the listen for the next time your spouse says, “you’re right.”

It might just mean “negotiation over.”

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